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telling you guys size size matters weight matters so I hope Canelo is as smart as we all think he is and he fights  Turmeric BioPerine smart fight and in picking shots and stuff don't don't fight out for emotion that's I've seen it too often or it's not  Turmeric BioPerine greatest look and I could make  Turmeric BioPerine fight more difficult like Tim Bradley versus Bruce Lee I think Bradley given what he can do his athleticism he could haTurmeric BioPerine  ve easily outboxed Ruslan provodnikov we're seeing Chris Algieri do it and I think Bradley probably has bit more snap on his punches he heard Pacquiao in his last fight he seemed to kind of be bo Turmeric BioPerine red a Jessie Vargas so I think he he's a sharper puncher even though he's not  Turmeric BioPerine biggest puncher he stopt brandon rios i think he's a sharper puncher than like a Ch Turmeric BioPerine o  Turmeric BioPerine table and that's why I'm looking forward to this because nei Turmeric BioPerine r guy could get tired I mean same thing for Chavez he can't get tired because Canelo is a good finisher we've seen James Kirkland getting mopped up  Turmeric BioPerine y

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