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Bitcoin Plastic & Virtual Cards from
Fast Bitcoin Debit Cards from

1. Do you know what is Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, OkPay, FasaPay, BTC-e USD codes?
2. Are you interested in fast and secure crypto and e-currency withdrawals?
3. Do you need convenient debit card?

If you answer YES for at list one of this questions, than probably you should read further information.

[Image: 300x250.gif] team is happy to inform all forum members that currently:

- ID verification isn't required for the first card order;
- it is possible to order up to 4 Unichange cards - plastic and virtual cards in USD and EUR currencies;
- Virtual cards are free and issued instantly;
- Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, OkPay, FasaPay, BTC-e USD codes are withdrawn to Card within 15 minutes;
- Card balance can be used worldwide wherever Visa cards are accepted.

Bitcoin Debit Cards from Unichange have already made life of many Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Okpay and FasaPay users easier.

Now it's your turn to get Fast Bitcoin Debit Card from Unichange!

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact our Support team.
Dear forum members,

Good news! Unichange card USD/EUR reserves were updated. team reconsidered card limits' politics, and now more attention will be paid to Unichange Cards reserves. As thanks to our valued customers it is now clear that card limits are very important for our clients.

We did our best to speed up process of funding Unichange Card balance and will keep reserves high all the time.

Also fees are reduced:

Bitcoin to Unichange USD card - 1.2%
BTC-e to Unichange USD card - 1.2%
Litecoin to Unichange USD card - 1.2%

Perfect Money to Unichange USD card - 2.9%
FasaPay IDR to Unichange USD card - 2.5%

If you have any questions or need more balance, just contact our Support team.

You are welcome to check our reserves here.
Dear forum members,

We wish you a good day and we are happy to remind about incredible possibility – exchange of Bitcoin to USD/EUR card within 1 business hour!

As soon as your card is funded you can:

- pay with the card online,
- purchase products and services offline,
- withdraw cash from 20+ million ATMs worldwide...

We reduced fees to withdraw Bitcoin to Unichange Card down to 0.9%. Please be informed that our service fee is already included in exchange rate which you see here:

Bitcoin to Unichange Card USD 1 BTC = 1754 USD (Rates can change, Check it here)
Bitcoin to Unichange Card EUR 1 BTC = 1544 EUR (Rates can change, Check it here)

You can also withdraw Bitcoin via another exchange directions:

- automatically to Perfect Money, Okpay, FasaPay, Liecoin, BTC-e USD
- gaining profit on USD/CNY, USD/IDR exchange rate to China Unionpay CNY, Alipay CNY, Fasapay IDR
- within 1 business day to Paypal USD or EUR
- withdraw Bitcoin securely in bulk to Bank transfer USD/EUR/MYR

We follow current market situation and will be happy to provide you with the best possible exchange rates.

If you have any question or need assistance, you are welcome to contact our Support team.
Don't miss great opportunity to withdraw Bitcoin to Unichange Card fast!1 BTC = 2086.32 USD (Rates can change, Check it here)

1 BTC = 1819.27 EUR  (Rates can change, Check it here)

The withdrawal takes only 15 working minutes, and the funds are available, as soon as your transaction was conducted.

Would you like to apply for Free Unichange Virtual Card? Read more info here
Dear forum members,

Thank you for trusting your transactions to our service. Owing to your trust we are highly motivated to provide our customers even better services and rates. Just now would like to let you know about some of them.

We are glad to inform the cardholders, who are interested in the withdrawal of the Bitcoin to card, that the сurrent rate is: 1 BTC = 2444.71745 CARDUSD 
The holders of EUR card can focus on such rate: 1 BTC = 2126.90418 CARDEUR
The processing time of such withdrawal is 1 business hour for both USD/EUR cards.
The rates can change so planing your withdrawals please see more accurate rates via:
Bitcoin to Unichange card USD
Bitcoin to Unichange card EUR

The adherents of the bank withdrawal may be offered such rates of Bitcoin withdrawal via wire transfer:

Rate is: 1 BTC = 2434.84944 WIREUSD for WIREUSD and for WIREEUR 1 BTC = 2122.59 WIREEUR. It takes 1 business day to complete the order (send SEPA or wire transfer USD). SEPA transfer usually takes 1-3 business days to arrive to your bank account. Processing the wire transfer usually takes 2-4 business days to the point of funds withdrawal to your bank account.

Please make notice that the rates can change, and you can check for more detailed information about USD bank transfer here.
To know something above mentioned information about EUR bank transfer feel free to look at the following page.

We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.

Our team is open to cooperation, so if you have any questions, please contact the Support team.

Best wishes,
Dear forum members!

You will be pleased to learn that has replenished reserves for Bitcoin USD/EUR cards which allows fast transactions for bigger sums. We are offering you to check out the most popular withdrawal directions on Unichange Debit card.

Bitcoin to Unichange USD card

Bitcoin to Unichange EUR card

Litecoin to Unichange USD card
Litecoin to Unichange EUR card

BTC-e USD to Unichange USD card
BTC-e USD to Unichange EUR card

For the following directions service fee is — 0,9% (with min fee 3USD/3EUR). Processing time is 1 business hour.

We want to remind you about the ease of getting a card as for the first card you will need only to verify your phone number, the verification of personality is not obligatory.
The application for virtual Bitcoin card is processed within one working day (with instant delivery).

Do not forget to contact our Support team if you have any questions regarding fees, processing time or transaction limits. For your own convenience please read the information on site before placing an order.

Available reserves in all directions can be viewed on our site.

Best regards, team
This has not happened for a long time

Life is like a roller coaster – with its ups and downs. There are not so many people who really enjoy the moments of decline. But now you definitely will. wanna present you a unique case of a fall, which will only please you.

The maximum reduction of commissions for cards withdrawal

The offer speaks for itself and doesn’t even need promotion – now fee is only 0,5%(minimum fee 3USD/3EUR).
The directions, the fee for which was reduced, are the following:

Bitcoin to Unichange USD/EUR card
BTC-e to Unichange USD card/EUR card
Litecoin to Unichange USD card/EUR card

And of course, Unichange virtual cards have the same withdrawal conditions for the duration of a special offer.
In addition to that, has replenished reserves for Bitcoin USD/EUR cards which allows fast transactions for bigger sums.
Hurry up – the offer is limited in time. But the possibilities, which the withdrawn money will bring to life, have no limits.

Submit your application here and now

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